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Bienvenue Welcome To
by Renaud Bédard


Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX Hardcover by Skottie Young, a book all ages will enjoy; How about a Skottie Young Marvel Minibus Hardcover Edition

Requesting Marvel Masterworks: Rawhide Kid Volume 3, 4, 5, 6...
from Marvel Comics, the best comic book western series ever made

Astérix Le Papyrus De César le nouveau numéro 36 est sorti, avec les textes de Jean-Yves Ferri & les dessins de Didier Conrad. Les propriétaires de Tintin devraient faire de même et sortir de nouveaux numéros avec une nouvelle équipe, plutôt que de priver les lecteurs de leurs personnages préférés. Le dernier Tintin, L'Alph-Art, a été complété non officiellement, entre autre par l'auteur canadien Yves Rodier, en
français et traduit en anglais (english) en hommage à Hergé suivant ses derniers croquis et notes

Crisis On Infinite Earths Deluxe Edition Hardcover the classic DC Comics crossover event by Marv Wolfman & George Pérez is now available

Howard The Duck Omnibus Hardcover same duck as in the Guardians Of The Galaxy end credits cameo, seens in comic book adventures collected

Masks Volume 1 TP from Dynamite Entertainment featuring this major golden age crossover event of old Pulp magazine legends and others lives up ti high expectations with an amazing story involving The Shadow, The Spider, Green Lama, Black Terror, Miss Fury, Black Bat, Zorro, Green Hornet and Kato. All this great work by Chris Roberson, Alex Ross, and Dennis Calero really needs is a deluxe hardcover special edition

Age Of Ultron Hardcover the comic book event finally gets collected

Ant-Man Season One Hardcover
by Tom DeFalco & Horacio Domingues, explores the origin of the true Ant-Man Henry Pym in a very respectful clever manner, being a widow at first, losing his first wife Maria in a violent crime, changing his life forever, before ever meeting Janet who became the Wasp

The Spider
, a little reminder of Moonstone's excellent work with the old classic Pulp character, truly little masterpieces like The Spider Chronicles, The Spider Judgement Knight (Miniseries), The Spider Judge Jury & Executioner Hardcover (collecting the ongoing Judgement Knight, Chaos Maker, No Sympathy For The Devil), The Spider For The Walking Dead, The Spider Santan's Seven Swordsmen, The Iron Man War, and others

Green Hornet Year One Volume 2 The Biggest Of All Game TP
from Dynamite Entertainment, like the first volume, has my highest recommendation. Matt Wagner, Aaron Campbell, and Carlos Lopez, offer a better more realistic classic old style approach of the original Green Hornet legend, all with an amazing story. PS: I would love a "Year Two", great work! :-)

Fear Itself Hardcover
by Matt Fraction & Stuart Immonen is an interesting Marvel Universe event like we have not see in a while; next major promising Marvel event, Avengers Vs X-Men

Mystery Men Premiere Hardcover
from David Liss & Patrick Zircher sends us to an intriguing pre-World War Two Pulp style era with new interesting Marvel characters like the Operative, the Revenant, the Surgeon, Achilles, the Aviatrix, and others; certainly an excellent series deserving of a follow-up

Le Vol Du Corbeau Édition Intégrale
de Jean-Pierre Gibrat, collectant tome 1 & 2, publié par Aire Libre, ainsi que son petit cousin Le Sursis Édition l'Intéglale, les deux avec ma plus haute recommandation

Zatanna Shades Of The Past TP
, Volume 2, by Paul Dini & Cliff Chiang, as good as the first volume

Captain America Red Glare Hardcover by Waid, Kubert, and Weeks, finally great comic book moments available in quality collected edition

Flashpoint Hardcover
, by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, and Sandra Hope, this amazing story takes Barry Allen Where No Flash Has Gone Before

Artifacts Volume 2 TP from Ron Marz continues with a big Top Cow comic book crossover event, including Witchblade, Darkness, Magdanela, Aphrodite, Angelus, Velocity, The Rapture, Glacier Stone, and many others, and this time, with the beautiful artwork of Whilce Portacio. Also Including the wonderful bonus Top Cow Holiday Special

Captain America First Vengeance TP is a four-issue miniseries written by Fred Van Lente, that ties in with Captain America The First Avenger movie

Green Hornet Golden Age Remastered Hardcover
, collected for the first time ever the original comic books from 1940 by Bert Whitman Associates, and based on the stories of Fran Striker

Captain America: American Nightmare Hardcover
by Waid, Busiek, K Kesel, B Kesel, Kubert, Braithwaite, and Bagley, finally out

Thor For Asgard Hardcover
collecting the 6 part comic book miniseries by Robert Rodi & Simone Bianchi

Avengers: West Coast Avengers Family Ties Hardcover
from Englehart, Milgrom, and Howell

The Rocketeer The Complete Adventures
by David Stevens in comic books is finally collected together

X-Men: Alpha Flight Premier Classic Hardcover
collecting key essential appearances from the Canadian team the Alpha Flight

The Shadow Double-Novel Pulp #47
finally collecting the 1931 premiere of the character in "The Living Shadow", along with " The Black Hush"

Captain America: To Serve And Protect Hardcover
by Mark Waid & Ron Garney, finally available

The Spider Judgement Knight TP, not quite a comic book or a novel, but more like a cross in between, with the adventures of the classic Pulp Magazine Spider character, by Norvell W. Page, Howard Hopkins, and Gary Carbon, with hopefully more of those great Judgement Knight stories to be collected later on; and why not a new hardcover special edition with bonus features of Moonstone's The Spider Chronicles

Return Of The Originals Battle For L.A. Hardcover
, from Moonstone, by GJ Henderson & Mark Sparacio, features good old Pulp characters like Lady Domino, the Black Bat, The Phantom Detective, and G-8

JSA Strange Adventures TP
by Kevin J. Anderson, Barry Kitson, and Gary Erskine is finally out

Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty Hardcover
oversized edition collecting issues 1 to 12 from 1998-1999 is out

Thor By J. Michael Straczynski Omnibus Hardcover
, very possible the best work ever from JMS, along with the amazing artwork of Olivier Coipel

The Green Hornet Chronicles Hardcover
must have edition, a nice little book filled with different new short-stories by various writers, along with a few illustrations. And hopefully Moonstone will reprinting in similar hardcover high quality edition for the first time, their other excellent book, The Spider Chronicles

Project Superpowers: Chapter 2 Volume 2 TP
by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Edgar Salazar, with more of the spectacular continuing tale of great classic golden age heroes brought back thanks to Dynamite Entertainment

120 Rue De La Gare
de Tardi est une adaptation BD du roman de Léo Malet, une intrigante histoire de meurtre et mystère se déroulant dans les années 1940, avec comme personnage principal le détective Nestor Burma

Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Fool's Gold TP
an excellent long overdue comic book adaptation of one of the best Star Trek TV series

Captain America: America First Hardcover collecting other Theatre Of War stories from various writers and artists, including the first and best story "Operation Zero Point"

Project Superpowers Meet The Bad Guys TP by Ross, Casey, Lilly, Lau, Paul, and Herbert is now available

Sandman Mystery Theatre Volume 8 TP
by Matt Wagner & Steven T. Seagle collecting one of the best DC series ever continues with two more stories, The Blackhawk, and The Return Of The Scarlet Ghost. Waiting for continuing volumes, Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 09 (The Crone & The Cannon), Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 10 (The City & The Goblin), Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 11 (The Hero & Annual 1994)

Iron Man Deadly Solutions Hardcover by Kurt Busiek & Sean Chen, and finally one of the best Iron Man run, from 1998, finally sees well deserve hardcover edition; and I look forward to a hardcover volume 2 to this same run with an appearance of Whiplash, and the Mandarin, and beyond to at least issue 25, as well as the Thor run from that same era with the return of the heroes

Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Daring Mystery Volume 2 with more of Marvel’s golden age treasures getting quality treatment, with appearances of heroes such as the original Falcon, Marvel Boy, The Thunderer, The Fin, Citizen V, Blue Diamond, the Fiery Mask, Captain Daring, and the spectacular heroine known as the Silver Scorpion

Captain America: Theatre Of War Hardcover, this first edition collects only the later stories by Paul Jenkins; as the rest of the Theatre Of War stories by other creative teams like Operation Zero Point my favorite, will be collected in March in an other volume titled Captain America: America First

Timely Comics 70th Anniversary Collection Hardcover
, including all those wonderful new stories of the golden age of Marvel Comics, with Captain America, the original and best Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, The Destroyer, The original Vision, Miss America, Blonde Phantom, Young Allies, and others, now available together in oversize book format

The Avenger Double Novel Volume 2
collecting more of the classic 1930's-1940's Pulp Magazine adventures of the first original Avenger, Richard Henry Benson and his incredible crime fighting team, Justice Inc; and hopefully someone will also have the bright idea to reprint in similar manner old classic Pulp stories of the Green Lama, and the Domino Lady

Life On Another Planet TP
by Will Eisner, new print available of the famous graphic novel; still wish it was a hardcover instead of soft cover

The Avenger Chronicles Hardcover
is finally available with 19 short-stories along with a few illustrations and some interesting bonus feature; and hopefully in the near future someone is going to have the bright idea of reprinting in Double Pulp style the early classic Avenger adventures from old Pulp Magazines, starting with Justice Inc. And maybe someone at Moonstone could also have the bright idea of reprinting in similar hardcover edition their other excellent book long sold out, The Spider Chronicles

Zorro Year One Trail Of The Fox Hardcover
by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla, now available from Dynamite Entertainment

Green Lama Archives Featuring The Art Of Mac Raboy Volume 2
now available in whole issues hardcover collected edition from Dark Horse

Girasol Spider Double Volume 10
now available from Girasol Collectables, collecting The Spider Master Of Men Pulp classic adventures

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